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Tips & Tricks

1. Always start with clean dry hands. Any oil or moisturisers may affect the results of the application.

2. Buff your nail. If you have naturally smooth, glossy or waxy nails, buffing your nail surface gives the nail wraps a better grip, allowing it to stay on longer.

3. Apply base coat. If you intend to wear the nail wraps beyond 10 days, a base coat offers a layer of protection between your nails and the nail wrap.

4. Avoid touching your skin and cuticle. Apply the nail wraps slightly above your cuticle line. Do not overlap on your cuticle or skin. Placing it on your cuticle or skin will cause the corners to flip up easily.

5. File downwards and in one direction only. Filing in any other direction may cause the nail wraps to lift and air bubbles may occur.

6. Apply top coat. Remember to 'cap' the tip of your nails to seal it for a longer lasting finish. *Some top coats may not be compatible with our nail wraps and may cause shrinkage.

7. Avoid water for a few hours. We recommend applying the nail wraps after shower as it takes time to fully adhere to your nails.

8. Maximise each pack by cutting the nail wraps into half. If you keep your nails short, you can cut the nail wraps into half and use one strip for 2 nails!