What's in a NAILWRAP.CO Kit?

  • ​16 Double-Ended Nail Polish Wrap of various sizes 
  • 1 x Mini Nail File
  • 1 x Cuticle Pusher Stick
  • Instructions for application and removal

Will it fit my nail shape well?

Our nail wraps come in 16 varying sizes for you to find the exact fit. The nail wraps can also be trimmed easily on the sides for narrow nails.

How long do your nail wraps last?

When our nail wraps are adhered properly, it can last up to 10 days and longer.

How do I make it last longer?

  1. Start with clean dry hands, any oil or cream applied prior application of wraps may affect lasting results.
  2. Natural nails with smooth surface requires buffing for nail wrap to adhere better.
  3. Choose a size that is slightly smaller than the width of your nail bed.
  4. Position and apply the product safely below the cuticle such that it is only applied on the hard nail surface.
  5. Apply Top Coat!

How do I remove the wraps?

  1. Soak fingers in warm water for 8 minutes.
  2. Gently peel from the bottom corner of your nail bed towards the tip of your fingernail.
  3. Rinse with soap.

Any recommended top coat?

  • Out The Door Top Coat (We highly recommend this!)
  • Sephora's Brilliance and Shine Top Coat
  • Chanel's Gel Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat
  • Little Ondine Top Coat

Unfortunately, not all top coat are compatible. Top coat that are not suitable will cause the nail wraps to shrink.

These top coats are not suitable: Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat, The Face Shop Repair Nails Quick Top Coat, Sally Hansen's Mega Shine Top Coat

Are your nail wraps safe to be used during pregnancy?

Our nail wraps are toxic free and scentless. It is safe to be used during pregnancy.