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Buy Gel Top Coat (Glossy) Premium Designer Nail Polish Wraps & Semicured Gel Nail Stickers at the lowest price in Singapore from NAILWRAP.CO. Worldwide Shipping. Achieve instant designer nail art manicure in under 10 minutes - perfect for bridal, wedding and special occasion.

Gel Top Coat (Glossy)

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Gel Top Coat (Glossy) + UV Led Lamp Bundle available HERE

*** This top coat requires UV Led light to cure. It will not dry if it is not used together with a UV Led Lamp.

We are all about those finishing touches.

- Gel top coat dries in 60 seconds

- Use this together with our UV Led Lamp


- Apply an even layer of top coat (not too thick) over your nail wrap.

- Cure the gel top coat under the UV Led Lamp for 60 seconds (Tip: remember to 'cap' the nail by running the brush horizontally over the tip.)

- Voila! Salon worthy manicure in under 15 minutes! 


- Soak nails in warm water for 10 minutes and peel of the top coat and nail wraps (yep, you read that right. no acetone needed!)